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Smart Softies Trap Ottoman

A versatile and modernly shaped Ottoman, that can be configured into clusters for Waiting Rooms, Breakout Spaces and Classrooms.

Technical details

Warranty: 10 years

• Versatile shape creates a variety of configurations suitable for your specific learning modality.

• 6x Trap Ottomans assembled forms a fully enclosed hexagonal setting.

• Wide selection of upholstery options.

• Seat backs are available in different fabric from the seat.

• Smart Softies™ Trapp Ottomans  can also be paired with Smart Softies™ Trap Lounges to provide double-sided seating solutions.

• Structure is built with Sebel patented Eco-struts made from 100% recycled polypropylene and manufactured in Australia, creating sturdy yet light-weight ottomans.

• Base heel relief for a sleeker look and less scuffing.

• Angled backrest for greater comfort, superior ergonomics and support.

• Completed with high quality dual-density foam padding, CNC cut timber panels, strong Eco-Struts and heavy-duty castors.

• Easily configure into numerous collaborative and individual settings with heavy-duty castors with rear locking brakes for easy placement.
Width Depth Seat Height
1530mm 650mm 430mm