Company Capabilities Tool

Whilst a thorough evaluation of the product is necessary, it is equally important that the credentials and capability of the potential supplier be established.

This is particularly so with seating which is the most visible and yet one of the last items to be included in a stadium/arena. Should a problem become apparent, switching suppliers is rarely an option given the extensive manufacturing lead-times. Since a major event often marks the opening of a venue, incomplete seating results in some very red faces. 

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Venu Seating Company Comparison Char

Track Record: A measure of expertise, performance and reputation. How long has the company been in business?

After Sales Service: Ability and commitment to service contract after installation. Confidence that the company will remain in business to supply spares throughout the product lifecycle.

Contract Scope: Degree of control and ownership supplier has of provided goods i.e. does supplier manufacture and market/distribute all provided goods or is he purely a distributor of certain items. Does the tendering company have the IP rights for the product offered? This can impact on contractual risk as well as ongoing ability to supply parts.

Project Management Skills: Provision of dedicated focused resources. Ability to plan, coordinate and execute the manufacture, logistical and installation components of the project. Ability to work cooperatively and coordinate with other trades.

Financial Capability: Has the supplier capacity to cash flow the project? What is the potential of the supplier to remain in business?

Manufacturing Resources: What are the company’s manufacturing, storage and logistical capabilities? Does the company have quality accreditation?
Supplier Relations: It is important that the company have strong relationships with key suppliers – polypropylene, steel, fabric, galvanizing and installer. A weak link can create risk (quality or lead-time).

References: Has the supplier provided positive references from credible operators, owners and builders.

Professional Services: CAD and R&D facilities – particularly important in identifying possible problems and dealing with unforeseen issues.

Trade Terms: Ability to negotiate favourable terms

Corporate Citizen: Company ethics, OH&S policy, Quality

Local Representation: Ease and speed of communication after contract completion.