Back to School Guide
Back to School Guide
Sebel Primary Furniture Tool Kit Sebel Primary Furniture Tool Kit
Click here to download the Primary
"Back-to-School"-Furniture Toolkit (24 pages, 7mb)
Click here to download the Secondary
"Back-to-School"-Furniture Toolkit (24 pages, 7mb)

Workshop about Modern Learning SpacesPrint, Play and Layout Your Modern Learning Classroom

Maybe you are not too sure where and how to start or what configuration will fit in your available space.
Simply download and print our Design Template Kit and Cutouts; then let students and teachers cut and paste them
onto the "Blank Classroom" template to discover what classroom design will work best for different classes in your school.

Play around with different designs and hang it up in your classroom to inspire fellow teachers or and send your photos
to the sebel team or post them via Twitter @SebelFurniture

Classroom Design Poster

Design Template Kit
(Guide & Reference)

Furniture Cutouts &
Grid Floor Plans

Classroom Design Poster - Traditional vs Modern Design Configurations Template - 12 pages of configurations Furniture Cutouts - Sketch and Model your new Classroom

Think differently about your learning space.

Print this poster and hang it up
in your classroom.

A3 Size Poster (3mb)

Discover what's possible with just
a few a few shifts and turns.

This classroom design tool template outlines what desks are made for each other - enabling you to create great learning environments with ease.

Design Tool Template (12pg, 1.5mb)

Let your imaginations run free.

You and your students can design
a learning space for any purpose on
paper using these cutouts.

  1. Print the Blank Classroom (175kb)
  2. Print the Design Template Kit
    Great resource for configurations
  3. Print & cutout your tables

Complete Cutouts (15pg, 2mb)