Superior Ergonomics

Our 60 years experience in designing and supplying the world’s best value chairs and desks - has taught us a few things about how to help a person be more comfortable, concentrate longer and perform better.

People sit up to 75% of their day
Studies show that students alone can spend up to 75% of their time sitting at a desk. Sebel designed our range of chairs and desks to maximise comfort and concentration over a long period.

Good design promotes movement
Sitting in a fixed upright position all day is actually detrimental to posture and increases fatigue. The wide range of seating positions adopted by students and adults are all supported by our Postura chair due to its purposely designed wide base and flat seat.

Why good lumbar support is essential
Evans, Collins and Stewart (1992) studied furniture size misfit on 211 fit students. The below results clearly show:

55% reported sitting discomfort or pain
32% head-neckshoulder area misfit
48% thoraco-lumbar area misfit
10% lower limb area misfit

Our Postura chair is the result of 60 years continuous design improvement to provide excellent lumbar support for small children to large adults.

Don’t settle for cheap imitations - insist on Sebel!
Many competitors have tried to copy our products, but without the Sebel culture and capabilities they lack the true ergonomics and quality undergirding every Sebel design. Based on research in the UK and Australia, we tabled our findings in a book which you can download called Education Furniture Research.