Sebel has aligned our new 'Moove' range with the rising tide of office posture specialists throughout Europe and America, who agree that flexibility and fluidity are now the keys to healthy long term sitting.

Advances in office seating stayed relatively unchanged for years, our understanding of bio-mechanics and ergonomics maintaining that sitting statically in an upright position was correct. This notion has been debunked through a recent placebo-group study that showed using a 'flexible movement' office chair resulted in:

  • Records of pain drop at examinees by 66%
  • Decrease of back pain hindrances in daily life by 50% (Oswestry Disability Index)
  • Significant increase of general well being up to 39%

OH&S and risk management are now moving the paradigm of 'what is correct posture'. Multi postures and free flowing natural movements are now considered paramount in reducing lower back pain caused by fatigued back muscles, muscle imbalances and sedimentary sitting.

The Sebel Difference