From Harry Sebel (Founder)

A timeless word from Harry Sebel (Founder)

Harry SebelďThe decision to purchase furniture is never an easy one. It is not just for today, but must last and remain in style for many years ahead.

No matter who has purchasing responsibility, the money being spent must return the best value furniture available for all concerned. When you have decided on Sebel, you automatically get an assurance that your furniture will truly stand up to constant, hard use and give many years of faithful service.

With Sebel you get a lot more than the chairs or table you actually receive.

For instance, did you know that the steel frames in Sebel furniture are guaranteed against breakage for a period of 10 years? No ifs and buts. If a steel frame breaks in use, we fix it.

How can Sebel be so confident you may ask?

Itís because of the research, development and rigorous and testing we employ across every Sebel product before itís released into the market. It is only by the use of this testing equipment to stress-test all furniture components, that Sebel can be absolutely confident that what we make and sell will give the long-term service to which all Sebel customers are entitled.

Our testing programmes cost Sebel a great deal of money to operate and maintain but this is the only way of ensuring Sebel furniture will represent the best value in the long run.

Sebel doesn't take comfort and good posture for granted. Our designers have studied ergonomics and anthropometrics and are authorities in this field. When you buy a Sebel chair, you get the best posture possible in its class.

With all Sebel furniture models, style follows function, which means good looks follow good basic design. Sebel seating units are co-ordinated to work in harmony with each other and with most styles of interior design and decor.

Choose Sebel and your customers, staff or students will be impressed with the selection you have made. And most importantly, Sebel furniture will retain its good looks and give you many years of satisfaction.Ē

Harry Sebel (Founder, 1915 - 2008)