TwistnLock Height Adjustable Desk

Chair Height Guide

Sebel Chair and Desk Height Guide

Having correct seat height is essential for student's concentration levels, posture, comfort and their skeletal development.

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Classroom Design Downloads

Sebel iLearn

When you are not sure how to start or what configuration will fit in your space.

Simply download and print our Design Template Kit and cutouts.

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Sebel Workshops

Learning Space Design Workshop

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for your school

Creating a learning environment that can inspire, motivate and engage both student and teacher can be challenging. Let's work together.

Desk Design Template

Sebel iLearn

This classroom design tool template outlines what desks are made for each other.

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White Paper KI

Learning Sweetspot The learning sweet spot | Elevating the Education Paradigm by Amy Kiefer - KI Vice President, Education Markets